Set your intention. Act on it. Create the life you want

Coaching is a collaborative partnership between a coach and a client in which the coach inspires, motivates and supports the client in manifesting his or her intentions. Coaching focuses on identifying and enhancing your strengths, assets and successes rather than on your weaknesses, disappointments and failures.Coaching helps you draw on the best in you. The coaching process is a … Continue reading

golden sunrise

Coaching, counseling, meditation

MEET YOUR COACH Kathleen Todd is a life coach and licensed clinical social worker who has worked as a healing professional for the last 30 years. She helps people to move from a place of pain to a place of wholeness. THERAPIST: As a therapist, Kathleen works from a cognitive- behavioral perspective, helping clients first … Continue reading

Just what do Moms think about sex education

By Kathleen Todd, Most people admit that they did not receive the best sex education when they were children. I thought it would be interesting to talk with members of, as sexually mature women, from their experience and wisdom gained from life so far, what are the the most i mportant things that moms … Continue reading

February, a full month to feel sensuous and sexy

Hello Everyone – I am excited to join you to talk about issues of love, intimacy, romance & sex! February is the month we dedicate to focus on LOVE. Isn’t it interesting that in our culture, we take one month to prioritize love? I think it is a statement about how important love is for … Continue reading