Tips for finding a little (inexpensive) romance

By Kathleen Todd, Romance doesn’t have to break your budget. Love coupons (with offerings such as foot rubs or control of TV remote) make a great no- or low-cost gift. Leaving love notes or sexy text messages reminds your partner that you desire him or her. Here are five other ways you can create a … Continue reading

Just what do Moms think about sex education

By Kathleen Todd, Most people admit that they did not receive the best sex education when they were children. I thought it would be interesting to talk with members of, as sexually mature women, from their experience and wisdom gained from life so far, what are the the most i mportant things that moms … Continue reading

February, a full month to feel sensuous and sexy

Hello Everyone – I am excited to join you to talk about issues of love, intimacy, romance & sex! February is the month we dedicate to focus on LOVE. Isn’t it interesting that in our culture, we take one month to prioritize love? I think it is a statement about how important love is for … Continue reading