Meditation can help you reset and recharge in just a few minutes

How many times have you been at work and maybe the boss has been yelling at you, or you are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of work you have to do, or maybe it’s just a bit of a tough day. Sometimes to get over the hump, all we need to do is take a … Continue reading

A Gratitude Journal for Couples

With so much going on in our  lives, it’s not always easy to  balance everything and  maintain a high level of care  and      nurturing. It is important  to set the intention to prioritize  nurturing and emotionally  caring for our love relationships.  One strategy that I love is keeping a Gratitude Journal. It’s a … Continue reading

Set your intention. Act on it. Create the life you want

Coaching is a collaborative partnership between a coach and a client in which the coach inspires, motivates and supports the client in manifesting his or her intentions. Coaching focuses on identifying and enhancing your strengths, assets and successes rather than on your weaknesses, disappointments and failures.Coaching helps you draw on the best in you. The coaching process is a … Continue reading