A moment of thanks

a moment of thanksgiving Whatever is happening around you, remember that right now, you are here, you are aware, you are alive. Take a breath, and give thanks for this moment.

A moment of thanks. A moment to yourself.

Don’t forget to take time during the busy holidays to regroup, shake off the stress and take a moment to contemplate what you really are thankful for this year.

If the pressures of the holidays get too much, just remember you really are in control.

Tips to prevent holiday stress and depression

Here are a few practical tips to keep stress away in the first place.


    1. Acknowledge your feelings.
    2. Reach out to others.
    3. Be realistic. There is no ‘perfect.’  
    4. Set aside differences. Hard feelings are sooo last year!
    5. Stick to a budget. (Really.)
    6. Learn to say no. Or not now.
    7. Don’t abandon healthy habits. Take a walk. Get plenty of sleep.
    8. Take a breather. Make time for yourself. And don’t forget to meditate, even if it’s just for a moment to regroup.
    9. Seek help if you need it.

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