Coaching, counseling, meditation

Kathleen Todd is a life coach and licensed clinical social worker who has worked as a healing professional for the last 30 years.

She helps people to move from a place of pain to a place of wholeness.

THERAPIST: As a therapist, Kathleen works from a cognitive- behavioral perspective, helping clients first recognize those thoughts and behaviors that block or inhibit their health and happiness, and then develop an action plan to implement change.

SEX THERAPIST: Kathleen is a certified sex therapist (AASECT) providing sex therapy for individuals and couples who are struggling with sexual problems, helping them to resolve issues, learn new strategies and enrich their sexual relationships.

LIFE COACH: As a Life Coach, she serves as a guide to client in their unique journey to achieve the passion, success, and dreams they desire. Kathleen enjoys working with on issues relating to body image, self-esteem, women’s sexuality and couples relationship skills.

As a coach, Kathleen serves as a guide to clients in their unique journey to achieve the passion, success, happiness and joy they desire.

She helps clients set clear intentions, develop and implement effective action plans.  She helps her clients turn their intentions into results.


“As your Coach, I make a commitment to give you the best skills, guidance, creativity, intuition and fun I have to offer. I look forward to meeting you and joining you in your journey! I invite you to explore the possibilities of Coaching!  I believe Coaching to be an exciting option to help create the life you want.”


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