Just what do Moms think about sex education

By Kathleen Todd,

Most people admit that they did not receive the best sex education when they were children.

I thought it would be interesting to talk with members of MomsLikeMe.com, as sexually mature women, from their experience and wisdom gained from life so far, what are the the most i

Mother and daughter

Photo by Flickr user mikebaird

mportant things that moms would want their girls or boys to know in order to grow into sexually healthy adults?

Moms talked about the importance of sexual partners using protection. They also have concerns, often hopes, that their children wait as long as possible to become sexually active.

“Protection is a must. Always. Their lives depend upon it,” one Mom said. “But I would also like for them to come to value sex as a powerful, intimate connection you share with someone about whom you care deeply.”

I agree that teaching our children to be sexually responsible which includes using protection is very important. It really is no different that teaching protection in other areas of life (like protecting from the flu or illness, protecting possesions, or protecting from unsafe situations like stranger danger or from bullying).

Good sexual self esteem is as important as good esteem in other parts of a child’s life. I think that information leads to personal power and enables people to make healthier decisions. Learning to love and value self is what allows us to make healthier choices and live happier lives.

Dr. Laura Berman was the sex therapist on Oprah who recommended teaching girls about masturbation. I agree with her that talking to daughters about masturbation or self pleasuring as normal is a good thing and ultimately allows gilrs to learn about thei own bodies rather than waiting to learn from a boyfriend and believing that males are the sexexperts.

I don’t know that it is necessary to buy your daughter a vibrator as Dr. Berman suggested. I think that most males are physcially frustrated and push for sex while females are wanting more emotional connections.

I am impressed with one Mom who said she and her husband are teaching their boys such healthy messages about masturbation. Sadly, I think that approach is rare.

Most men and women with whom I work in sex therapy never had the benefit of hearing such healthy messages. Having parents who are willing to talk about all aspects of sexuality (embarrassing as it may be) is a great gift to give children.

Unfortunately, there are many men who have unknowningly trained themselves to hurry through sex and suffer with premature ejaculation. Women grow up with negative messages about their bodies and their sexuality which can lead to problems in their adult relationships.

Good for you, Moms! Keep up the great job.

Parts of this artical originally appeared in Phoenix Moms Like Me.


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