February, a full month to feel sensuous and sexy

Hello Everyone – I am excited to join you to talk about issues of love, intimacy, romance & sex!

February is the month we dedicate to focus on LOVE. Isn’t it interesting that in our culture, we take one month to prioritize love? I think it is a statement about how important love is for each of us.

So why not make a personal comittment to take this time to enhance the love in your life? The first place to start is with YOU. How are you doing showing love to yourself?

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This is often difficult for a lot of busy women – we give to everyone else first and then, if there is any time or energy left over, we give to ourselves. The best way to have a great love & sexual relationship is to make sure you are being the best lover & sexual partner you can be.

The most fun kind of sex & romance is the kind that happens everywhere, not just in the bedroom (I’m not suggesting that you have sex in front of the kids) I am suggesting that you allow yourself to feel sexy and sensuous anywhere you are.

Feel sensuous & sexy just for you (even if you are not in a relationship).

Do some fun, sensuous & sexy things like …

  • taking a candlelight bubble bath;
  • shower with some special body wash that makes your skin feel soft and silky;
  • slow down and let yourself enjoy the feel of your skin as you lovingly put lotion on;
  • listen to your favorite music; dance a sexy dance at home when no one is watching;
  • remember some special, loving & romantic moments that make you smile;
  • wear some sexy underwear – no one will know but you – so enjoy how you feel all day long!

Put yourself in a romantic & sexy mood. Remember, the mind is our most powerful sexual organ! Allow yourself to think, act and feel sexy.

Start today! Make it a delicious, sensuous, sexy day!


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